Student Attendance Policy

For the purpose of Alberta student funding, Capstone Edge College considers a funded student as having withdrawn, under any of the following circumstances:

  1. As per section 6 (c) of the Alberta Institution Designation Agreement, when a student has missed five consecutive class days without contacting the institution, before or during the absence, to provide a reasonable excuse. In this case, the effective date of the student’s withdrawal is the first of the five days that the student was absent.
  2. When a student with a reasonable excuse is absent for more than 30 consecutive days, the effective date of the withdrawal is the first day during this period that the student was absent.

When a funded student withdraws from a program, he/she can return to the program on a later date, but would not be eligible for government funding.

Academic Dishonesty Policy

These actions are deemed academic dishonesty by Capstone Edge College, and are not accepted under any circumstances:

  1. Cheating in examinations/tests and other assessments: This will result in mark deductions, warnings, and other instructor directed sanctions. Such sanctions must be reported to the Program Manager for reprimand. If a student is reprimanded three times, he/she may be subject to further disciplinary actions, such as academic probation or expulsion.
  2. Plagiarism, unapproved collaboration, use of aids that have not been expressly permitted by instructors, theft or solicitation of another student’s assignments, paperwork, tests, or personal belongings, will be treated as cheating, and may be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities, if such action violates any Canadian law on plagiarism and copyright. If in doubt, the student should consult the appropriate government documents on copyrights or ask for clarifications from his/her instructors.
  3. Alteration of records, bribery, falsification of information, and intentionally attempting to assist another student to commit any such acts, will result in stern disciplinary actions, such as suspension, expulsion, and possible reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Academic Standing and Probation Policy

Policy on Privacy

Capstone Edge College is bound by federal laws to protect the privacy of the students. The college respects the right to privacy of its students and is committed to safeguarding the personal information of each student and graduate. Capstone Edge College will not disclose a student’s personal information without a prior written consent of the student.

At Capstone Edge College we protect the personal information collected from students, graduates, staff and other business partners. This includes the training of employees and the establishment of control systems for responsible use of personal information that is accessible to college employees while performing work-related duties. The college directs its employees to exercise caution when disclosing personal information to others. Access to personal information is limited to the following:

An individual accessing his or her own personal information. An employee of the College with authorized access based on a legitimate academic or business need.

Any organization or person authorized by the individual to receive the information.

Authorized legal agent, government body, or representative under the circumstance where the college complies with the release of personal information.

Individuals or entity as permitted by law where deemed to be necessary for reasonable conduct of college business.

Student Conduct and Expulsion

Capstone Edge College has a zero tolerance to academic dishonesty, plagiarism, the non-payment of tuition fees, harassment, abuse and /or discrimination of any form. Such conducts could result in far reaching disciplinary measures.

Harassment or Discrimination Policy

Harassment and discrimination is a serious offense, there is a zero tolerance policy at Capstone Edge College Students are required to be respectful to their peers, instructors, and office staff. Students participating in harassment or discriminatory activities are subject to suspension under pending investigation. Expulsion will be automatic for any student who will be deemed, after the result of the investigation, to have engaged in harassment or discriminatory activities.

Admissions Documentation Policy

Students who knowingly misrepresent their personal information on their application forms are subject to immediate expulsion.

Student Complaint Procedure


At Capstone Edge College, we are committed to the fair treatment of all students and employees, and emphasize an open and collaborative approach to dealing with student and staff concerns. Management will endeavor to resolve complaints informally where possible; while keeping in mind that formal resolution processes may be required in certain circumstances. The following principles guide the handling of complaints at Capstone Edge College:

Appeal Process