Student Admission Requirements

The standard requirement for admission to Capstone Edge College

Every student applying for Diploma and Certificate programs will be required to possess the following qualifications:

1a. High school diploma


1b. GED

Mature Admission requirement

Applicants who have not achieved a high school diploma can apply as a mature student. 

Capstone College will consider mature students, who may not possess the above qualifications if they:

  1. over the age of 18 (minimum).
  2. Obtain a satisfactory result on an equivalency test. The candidate should obtain a 60% in the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test administered by the College.


       2b. must complete an academic achievement test to demonstrate required competency. It is required that it be a standard test such as CAAT (Canadian Adult Achievement Test), TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education), CAST (Canadian Achievement Survey Test for Adults).

Applicants must provide proof of graduation at the time of enrolment or by the first day of class All applicants must provide proof of age and pass an entrance exam and interview.